Custom midifiles for songwriters


Are you a songwriter and need an arrangement? You’ll spend very little using midis!

To show your songs around, you’ll need a good quality recording. Maybe you should not spend lots of money on a demo, but this demo needs to have a good enough quality for you to show your song.

So the midifile arrangements come to help you much as it can contain all the musical arrangement, with all the necessary instruments, not been so costly.

You, or the studio where you are going record your voice, will need just keyboard with good quality sounds, or a VST software, to bring the midifile instruments to life.

You also has the option to rehearse with the midifile backtrack before you go to the studio. The midifile can play on any device, such as your computer, laptop or mobile phone. With a small additional fee, I can still provide your midifile arrangement in mp3 or wave audio, fully mixed.

The price of a midifile pays off because it gives very little work to record. And I can assure you a good quality, since I have 13 years working only with arrangements in midifiles, for the most diverse applications, including for songwriter arrangements who are working on their demos.

Let’s work together!