Custom midifiles for singers or soloists

If you are a singer or soloist and needs accompaniment, How tremendously our midis or backtracks can increase your quality!

Some years ago I sang live, so I have done many midifiles to myself, and, I tell you: you need to impress! Playing and singing live requires energy and the midifile backtracks need to be extremely musical, done by someone who also has stage experience!

Now imagine another situation: you want to impress with your own songs! This is the situation you need to really invest in the quality of your accompaniment!

The midifiles will allow you to be accompanied with good instrumental quality!

And you can still ask me to personalize this arrangement midi, the key you want in the tempo you want, with the length you want! And if there is a moment that that “key music” you interact with the public, sing together, dance together, we can also make a midifile arrangement do this!

What counts is to impress your audience, so you can get more gigs on your calendar! In addition to my midifiles have a good price in mind, make your audience happy is something that is priceless!

Count on my 13 years of experience making midifile backtracks, as well as my experience as a stage musician!

Let’s work together!