Looking for a specific MIDI file but can’t find it anywhere? I can create the perfect MIDI sequence tailored just for you!

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Country, Strum guitar, heavy drums, rhythmic guitar

download this midi demo

Reggae midifile demo:

Download this midifile demo

Soul midifile demo:

Download this midifile demo

Have high-quality backtracks for your songs!

“I’m NelsonMidis, a professional MIDI file creator. Explore my work by downloading some of my demos and playing them on your instrument or General MIDI software.”

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“Little Funk” a midifile song:

Download “Little Funk” demo midifile

“Road Music”, an easy-going midifile song:

Download “Road Music” midifile demo

Big band, Old style orchestration

Download this midi demo

Latin Cha-cha Rhythmic, E Piano with complex chords, Latin rhythm, and brass voicings

download this midi demo

Ragtime midifile demo:

Download this demo midifile

Custom MIDI file production for studios, backing tracks, singers, songwriters, choirs, small groups, music education, and more.

just 99 USD (per song)

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Are you looking to elevate your music production to the next level? Discover the power of MIDI files – the versatile musical files that contain detailed music notes, allowing for unparalleled customization and flexibility.

Imagine being able to edit, transpose, and rearrange your music effortlessly. MIDI files make it possible to change instruments, modify arrangements, and play your compositions on a wide array of devices, from mobile phones to sophisticated synthesizers and sequencers that support the General MIDI protocol.

MIDI files are perfect for creating music sheets, backing tracks, and enhancing studio productions. They are indispensable tools for musicians, churches, schools, bands, and choirs. High-quality MIDI files ensure your music sounds professional and polished in every setting.

Elevate your music with my professional MIDI file composition services. With over 20 years of experience, I deliver top-notch MIDI files that bring your projects to life. Email me (nelsonmidi@gmail.com) to explore my services and transform your musical vision into reality.

Don’t settle for mediocre sound. Choose excellence with my expertly crafted MIDI files. Email me (nelsonmidi@gmail.com) today and take your music to new heights!