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Country, Strum guitar, heavy drums, rhythmic guitar

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Reggae midifile demo:

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Soul midifile demo:

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Have high-quality backtracks for your songs!

I’m NelsonMidis, a midi file maker. To know my work deeply, please, download some of my demos and open them in your instrument or general midi file software.

Download more free midi demos:

“Little Funk” a midifile song:

Download “Little Funk” demo midifile

“Road Music”, an easy-going midifile song:

Download “Road Music” midifile demo


Big band, Old style orchestration

Download this midi demo

Latin Cha-cha Rhythmic, E Piano with complex chords, Latin rhythm, and brass voicings

download this midi demo

Ragtime midifile demo:

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Custom midifiles production for studios, song backtracks, singers, songwriters, choirs, small groups, music education, and more.

just 68 USD (per song)

Payment via PayPal / Wise / wire

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