Custom midifiles for choirs or small groups

Are you ahead of a choir, band or small orchestra and need higher yield in the rehersals?

Midifiles can help your musicians or singers in advance, help them learn and and memorize their parts individually, in home, before the general rehearsal, without having to read music. You can separate each midi instruments, so that each part sounds separately. So each musician or singer can hear their part.

The midifile can also be transformed into sheet music, if you open a music sheet edition software.

Not only the instrumental parts, but the singers’ part can be placed in a midi, including the lyrics of the song!

Considering the amount of work to be spared the rehearsals, it pays off to have the midi arrangement of what will be rehearsed, even if the midifile will not be used in the final result. It is always good for the musicians get a sense of the final result of their efforts together. If necessary, I can convert your MIDI in an audio mp3, so that it can play on any device.

In my 13 years of experience composing midis, I was sometimes hired to make midis for choirs, church groups and bands and music schools. Some of these presentations I have been watching in person !!

So, let’s work together!